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Progressive Web Application Features

Progressive Web Applications is the new trend allowing for ultra fast content delivery, even if the user is on a slow mobile connection, or has no connection at all available. Users increasingly expect web sites to behave like native apps while surfing on their mobile devices; PWAs close the gap between native mobile applications and websites, allowing neatless content delivery at an incredible speed. Available in on- and offline modes.

Powerful Technical Design

Behind every technical adavance stands a powerful technology. We are major supportors on the tech frameworks allowing for PWAs to function.

Professional Delivery

With our knowledge in delivering the technical components behind PWA as a technology, we are your best partner for catapulting your website onto the newest trends.


Every website needs some new creativity boosts from time to time. Combine enhanced PWA capabilities with advanced User experience in the same go.

Powerful Technology

Unlock the power of Offline content delivery. PWAs allow for the delivery of content even then, when the user is not on a mobile connection or has no wifi available. The application updates seemlessly in the background once a connection becomes available. So called Service Workers handle the update process without any interfearance by the user, thus allowing fresh or updated content being populated to the PWA.

Now is the time

Progressive Web App Features you can't miss

  • Offline Mode

    Automated Content Updates in the background, delivery when the user demands it. On- or Offline.

  • Enhanced Speed

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is a technology to deliver content faster than on traditional web pages. Thus improving on users experience with your brand.

  • Near Mobile Native UI

    The world ain't perfect, but we can design your mobile user experience close enough to the "real thing".


Not sure what's better for you?

Not an issue at all. Our technical experts are here to help you decide on what you really need. We'll be happy to analyse your needs and provide a tailored solution to your problem. Contact us to talk with our experts!


Core Competencies

Advanced industry expertise and tech knowhow

In order to build advanced applications, one needs advanced technical expertise. Our software engineers have integrated a vast amount of applications in the e-Commerce and Fintech industry, re-building existing apps, or building new progressive web apps from scratch. We have what it takes to integrate PWAs in Angular, React, VueJS and a variety of other frameworks.

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We build teams which help your business to go to market faster, with an affordable price tag. Our advanced services let you focus on your product and launch your progressive web app faster and reach more customers.

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Building your next innovative web app is personal. We know. We have been helping businesses achieving their goals for over two decades.

  • Integrations

    Expertise across industries, helping our partners to successfully launch modern, ultrafast PWA applications.

  • Tech Knowhow

    Ultimately burning down into vast expertise in all required technologies, and the teams to support technological innovation.

  • Support

    We support our clients not only during development, but all the way to their success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Progressive Web Apps?

A Progressive Web App (short PWA) is a type of Web Application, which can serve as a browser based app, but simultaniously can be deployed as a mobile app as well. Main highlights of PWAs as definded by Google include: Speed, Reliability and Engaging as the main characteristics.
Progressive Web Apps were introduced by Google. Technology giants like Microsoft adopted and approved the technology quickly, and tech companies like Ali Express, Trivago, Forbes, PInterest among others have tested, and adopted the technology in their production environments. It proved that Progressive Web Apps can overcome challenges faced in Mobile App development, as being solutions which can be rapidly deployed on the highest variety of devices.
The generic idea behind Progressive Web Apps can be simply explained. PWAs are applications built on well know technologies used on the web, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. They behave and look just as regular web pages would look and feel. You can link to them, just as you would with any other webpage and they are visible to search engines like other web pages. The key difference is, that PWAs offer near similar functionalities as native mobile applications do. As a key characteristic we define: they work offline, with no internet connection, they can send push notifications to the user, and they can use device hardware the same way as native apps can do.
Think of PWAs as an advanced Web Page with similar capabilities as Native Mobile Applications.
The PWA standard is an approach, defined by Google, with a main focus on the concept of Customer Experience.
The 3 Progressive Web App key components are defined as:

  1. Reliability
  2. Speed
  3. Engaging
Taking those 3 key characteristics we can say:

  • Site loading speed is a key factor for conversion, independent of the type of web page, a rule of thumb defines that for every second delay in loading time, conversions decrease by up to 20%.
  • As web users consistently move toward using web pages on mobile devices, reaching a staggering 68%, the Mobile First Approach is fully consistent with the core principles of Progressive Web Applications.
  • Reliability of PWAs results mainly out of the key feature of Offline availability, thus not interrupting user experience in areas with lower mobile network coverage.
  • PWAs are engaging, making use of allowing to pin an application to the users' home screen on mobile applications, thus replicating the native feel of applications.
There are a set of advantages for anyone working with, or using Progressive Web Apps. The benefits for users, software engineers and businesses alike, everyone wins with PWAs:

  • Mobile-first approach. PWAs are a direct answer to mobile users’ needs and allow businesses to build web solutions that work excellently on mobile devices.
  • All in one. With a PWA, it is possible to develop a web page and app at the same time with lower costs and a shorter time-to-market. On the other hand, users don’t have to visit app stores to get the app; it can be installed directly from the browser.
  • Short loading times. PWAs load 2-3 times faster than classic responsive web pages, which results in less annoyed users, waiting for a webpage to fully render.
  • Native-like UX. Push notifications, icon on the homepage and offline access are some of the native app features that are baked into PWAs.
  • Offline capacity. Mobile Users mainly suffer from bad internet connectivity speeds. PWAs allows them to continue browsing without need for waiting until assets are loaded. PWAs also provide offline readiness to supports traffic peaks, such as happening on Black Fridays or other days specifically designed for shopping with discounts.
  • SEO-friendliness. PWAs can be optimized according to Google’s guidelines and indexed by Googlebot and all other search engines.
The key advantage for Businesses, and specifically worth pointing out are the smaller efforts to deploy ready cross platform solutions to market, as only a single application needs to be supported, over multiple in a traditionally fashioned scenario.

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